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We are now live

·1 min
a person stands in front of a website that he just build successfully, he is very happy and the machine is working, photo realistic

Tonight I finally finished tinkering with a hugo theme and uploaded everything to my server.

The current process isn’t pretty but it works 😅 Once I have a new post I need to follow these steps:

  • Empty hugos local public folder
  • Render new html files with the simple hugo command
  • rsync everything to my server with rsync -avz --delete public/ user@server:/path/to/html/

Somehow I broke my hugo installation on the WSL. So now I have to run the hugo rendering command in PowerShell but still use WSL for the rsync command, since that is never going to be available in Windows (rsync support - out of scope).

Something-ops during the day, nowadays mostly asleep during the night.