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Autohotkey FTW

·1 min
Until today the issue with Apples new apps to synchronize with my iPhone is still not fixed.

An extensive explanation how to start journaling using Obsidian and templates.

.gitconfig and includeIf Statements

··3 mins
Using different machines to work on some git files can result in missing signign keys and some headache.

Happy Birthday Blog

·1 min
Pretty much one year ago I started to blog again, and I’m happy with the resultt'


Analogue photo update

·1 min
I received the film and there were actually some okayish pictures on it.

App and other defaults

·2 mins
The blogosphere does a thing again. This time we talk about defaults, like default sofware that you use.

Link dump #1

·2 mins
Here are some things I found over the last months. It might be blogs, it might be services or it might be (self-hostable) tools I deem worth mentioning.

FS22 - things I needed to lookup

·2 mins
If you finally found the solution to your coding problem in a deep comment or something after having dozens of tabs open, you should write about it in your own blog.

Restic backup and Windows paths

·2 mins
I recently stumbled upon restic and since I haven’t really setup a backup of my windows machine1, I wanted to give it a try.