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Hi, I'm jwb

I’m a computer enthusiast and would place myself somewhere ops-related. I also really enjoy taking photos and/while walking through the Brandenburger forest.

Some images from my posts are generated using Microsoft Bing Image Creator. You can easily identify them by the posts tagged with Bing Image Creator. The prompt I used is displayed as caption below the image.

What’s currently happening? #

Inspired by the /now movement, I decided to participate:

  • I’m going to switch jobs in 2024
  • I’m not cycling as much as I would like
  • I’m still cursing Atlassians tools every other day

Datenschmutz - A bad pun on privacy #

You won’t find any cookies, trackers, third party extensions or what not on my website.
If you do - I fudged up. Please let me know: You can do it securely as well: PGP Key.