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Streamlined publishing

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Maybe I can make writing a habit by simply doing it once a day. But the process of publishing would need to be simpler.

I still struggle with a hybrid world. Hugo is currently only running on my windows workstation and rysnc only works on my WSL.

I could try to debug my hugo installation on WSL, but I am too lazy to do that. I could also use robocopy instead of rsync, but I don’t want to go that way either (working with ssh keys was a bit of a pain).

Now I created a quick & dirty script to do my tedious tasks of publishing new posts:

# cleaning the public folder
Remove-Item ./public/* -Force -Recurse

# generating new static content

# uploading content
wsl rsync -avz --delete public/ user@server:/path

Thoughts on further improvement:

  • Create a separate user with a passwordless key to remove the necessity to enter the ssh passphrase
  • The separate user would need to be restricted to the hugo html folder
  • Instead of robocopy I could look into the winscp cli commands
  • Thinking about a server installation of hugo – Currently posting is restricted to my workstation
  • Github Pages (or something similar) would also work, but I like that I am not depending on a third party service
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