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Link dump #1

I enjoy reading other peoples link dumps, it’s a bit like taking a peek into their living room. It also gives me yet another reason to write something
○( ^皿^)っ Hehehe…

Without further ado, here are some things I found over the last months. It might be blogs, it might be services or it might be (self-hostable) tools I deem worth mentioning. – Uncurled. A “book” from Daniel Stenberg about managing open source projects. I had this link in my “read-later” list for quite a while, before I actually started reading it. (Hey, that’s what later means!) It gives interesting insides into curl and open source contribution in general. Also Daniel writes in an intriguing way, which makes me want to read further on. – “Troubleshoot and make a sad server happy!” This web page shows more than 25 problematic servers and it is your job to fix them in a given time. Nice way to stay in shape, I think. – People in Europe (mostly Germany) offer a place for a tent on their property, free of charge. It’s not meant to be a free vacation spot, but more of a layover. – Dirk writes (in German) about Linux and open source in general, as well as task and time management. (I’m sure there are other things as well, but I try to keep this short.) He was also the trigger to create this link dump. – Use this to reate pretty screenshots of Mastodon posts. – Find usernames across ~400 social networks. – Very nice backup client. I enjoy minimalistic environments. Using restic on the console and having my target backup server self-hosted in the cloud brings me joy \^o^/. (You can also use local storage or any of the supported cloud services, if you want)

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